All possible statuses for a Payout item are the following:

result[].status.coderesult[].status.reasonPayment methodDescriptionAllows retry attempts
PENDINGPIX / PAGBANKItem was received and will be processed soon.-
SUCCESSPIX / PAGBANKItem was received and processed successfully.-
FAILEDPROCESSING_ERRORPIX / PAGBANKAn unexpected error has occurred.YES
FAILEDPROCESSING_TIMEOUTPIXTransfer aborted due to a processing timeout in the Brazilian SPI (Instant Payments System).YES
FAILEDREJECTED_BY_RECEIVERPIXTransfer rejected by receiver bank.NO
FAILEDPAYEE_IRREGULAR_REGISTERPIX / PAGBANKPayee is not compliant with our internal policies.NO
FAILEDPAYEE_NAME_DOES_NOT_MATCHPIX / PAGBANKThe payee's name does not meet our internal policies' minimum similarity threshold. Please use the exact name specified in the document and avoid special characters for conformity.NO
FAILEDPAYEE_LEGAL_CONSTRAINTSPIX / PAGBANKPayee is not compliant with international standards.NO
FAILEDPAYEE_DECEASEDPIX / PAGBANKThe payee document indicates the demise of the individual.NO
FAILEDINVALID_DESTINATIONPIX / PAGBANKPix key / account provided is an invalid destination.NO
FAILEDINSUFFICIENT_FUNDSPIX / PAGBANKTransfer cannot be processed due to insufficient funds.NO
FAILEDPAYEE_EXCEEDED_FINANCIAL_LIMITPIX / PAGBANKPayee's financial limit has been exceeded.NO
FAILEDDESTINATION_NOT_MATCH_DOCUMENTPIXPayee's document does not match with account owner.NO
FAILEDPAYOUT_DENIEDPIX / PAGBANKItem was received and could not be processed.NO