Payout Overview

What is a Payout

A Payout is defined as a payment made by a company from anywhere in the world to a non-employee for a service provided, including payment to ride-hailing app drivers, delivery app agents, home rental hosts, freelance service providers, influencers, streamers, gamers, among others.

PagSeguro Payout is an all-in-one API solution that enables global companies to send instant payouts to Brazilians. By using this disruptive payout model, worldwide businesses can instantly send payouts in local currency within minutes and with no traditional banking fees.

It’s a convenient way to manage the complexity, conversions, fees, and compliance requirements. This documentation is designed to provide clear information about our solution.

Find out more about Payouts in our whitepaper.

Payout general flow

  1. Onboarding: The merchant signs the contract and integrates with us;
  2. Prefunding: The merchant adds balance to our account in USD or BRL, meaning his payout balance;
  3. Operation: The merchant calls PagSeguro API to request a payout or uses our Dashboard;
  4. Requesting: The payee can request his payout on the merchant´s site/app, informing his registered e-mail on his PagBank account;
  5. Done: Within minutes, the payment will be available at the payee´s account (PagBank free digital account or PIX);

Requirements from the Merchant to process Payouts

Flow in PagSeguro

  1. Register at Myaccount - After the merchant registers on MyAccount, the commercial team will contact the merchant to guide you through all the steps;
  2. Analysis and Sign Contract with PagSeguro - internal contract validation process;
  3. Test / sandbox environment - Start of integration with Merchant in a Sandbox environment. At this stage, the merchant's engineering team will have the full support of PagSeguro's engineering team;
  4. Prefund - the merchant adds balance to our account in USD or BRL, meaning his payout balance;
  5. Merchant live - the merchant is now ready to process payouts.



Prefund is a requirement

This prefunding process is a requirement for the merchant to start transferring.

Process where the merchant will make a deposit to PagSeguro's Bank of America account. The amount deposited is the money that will be deducted when making transfers to payees in Brazil.

Requirements from the Payee to receive PagBank Payouts

Payee definition

Payee is the payout recipient. Whenever a merchant needs to pay a Brazilian beneficiary, it means that the merchant is making the payment to a payee.

PagBank account creation flow

This section describe the steps the payee need to take to create an account in PagBank and receive payouts.

  1. Download the app: Payees must download the superapp “PagBank - PagSeguro” in their phone’s app store.
  2. Create an account: Click on “Create an account”.
  3. Enter personal data: Fill out a short form with personal data (full name, mother’s name, national ID, address, and birth date).
  4. Take two pictures of the national ID card and a selfie with the same document.
  5. That´s it! The account is opened and Payees can now receive instant payouts in their local currency.

Payee withdrawal flow

This section describe the steps the payee need to take to receive the payout amount in their PagBank account.

  1. Select "withdrawal"
  2. Select PagBank as a withdrawal method
  3. Inform your e-mail and click on "link account"
  4. Transaction completed.

PagBank's support

PagBank offers support for payout transactions - we also have FAQs for some questions.

What’s Next

After reading the payout overview, it is a good idea to check out the API specifications and requirements.